The House System

The House System

The aim of the House System is to enhance group and team spirit, whilst encouraging a sense of loyalty, duty and friendly competition.

All pupils are in one of the four Houses which are part of the pastoral system running throughout the school from nursery to sixth form. The junior school and senior school elect Junior House Captains and Vice Captains each year and these pupils represent the school in House activities.

Every student is allocated to a House based on the traditional Houses of our School – St. Denis, St. Michael, St. Edmund or St. Patrick. 

St. Denis         (blue)

St. Michael     (red)

St. Edmund     (yellow)

St. Patrick       (green)

When a pupil is recognised for achievement a House point is awarded and all house points accumulate as part of the whole school house system. The house system is based on competition, charity fundraising and sports days.

There are various cups and shields which are awarded throughout the year for events such as Sports Days.

At the end of the academic year, the House with the most points is awarded the House Cup.