School Curriculum


We teach a broad curriculum, enabling pupils to learn through a wide range of opportunities and practical experiences. Some subjects are taught by the class teacher and other lessons are delivered by specialist teachers. Classroom lessons are supplemented with a range of trips and visits, with workshops and special events also regularly taking place. There is a focus on developing Thinking Skills throughout the junior school and all pupils are encouraged to develop greater independence and a strong sense of responsibility as they get older.

As a Catholic school, RE is regarded as a core curriculum subject, but everything we do is underpinned by Catholic values. This is reflected in the attitudes of everyone at Bishop Challoner and in the way we relate to and respect each other at all times.

We hold a Curriculum Information Evening at the beginning of each academic year, when parents are invited to meet with the class teacher, who will explain the curriculum to be covered in that year and how parents can support the children in their learning. Curriculum booklets giving further details of what the classes will cover are also sent to parents.

Teachers are always happy to meet informally with parents to discuss any queries or issues that may arise. Written reports are given in February (reporting on core subjects) and in July (reporting on all subjects). There are also formal parents’ consultation evenings in October and February.

Our small classes ensure that the class teacher knows each child well and is able to provide for their individual needs. Assessment, both formal and informal, is an integral part of class teaching and is used to identify the next steps for learning. Half termly assessments in English, maths and science are made using National Curriculum levels, which enables us to compare the progress and attainment of our pupils against National Standards. Assessment results are reported to parents at the end of each academic year.