Bishop Challoner School makes provision for a number of scholarships which in most cases are equivalent to a discount of 25% off fees. Those receiving scholarships may apply to be means tested for further bursarial assistance.

Academic Scholarship

We offer a number of academic scholarships and these are based on academic performance in the school’s entrance examinations and excellent school reports.

Those achieving the top results in the entrance examinations will be invited for an interview with the Headteacher for scholarship consideration.

Music Scholarship

Music scholarships are available based upon a pupil reaching at least grade 4 in a nationally recognised music examination and passing an audition held by the Head of Music. It is expected that any Music Scholar will play a full role in the musical life of the school and will be expected to take GCSE Music.

If notice is given to withdraw a pupil from the school, the scholarship will be withdrawn and full fees will be charged for the duration of the notice period.


Bursaries are offered usually to existing pupils whose parents’ financial circumstances have changed and where there is financial difficulty. Applications for bursaries are means tested. It should be noted that any award of a scholarship would not be affected by this except, insofar that the sum total of monies received might not be more than the total tuition fees payable.

Bursaries are subject to annual review.

Most bursaries are equivalent to a discount of 25% off fees.