At Bishop Challoner we have taught A levels for many years.  For us, the excitement of A level teaching remains undiminished and we believe that there are huge challenges in mastering the content of any of the A levels we offer.  The A* grade, introduced in 2010, provides a real and demanding target for the most able.

Historically, AS levels were taken at the end of year 12 and A2 Levels at the end of year 13 with students’ marks from the first year contributing to their A Level grade. However, 2015 marked a change in Level Three qualifications: performance at AS in ‘reformed’ subjects now has no bearing on your final A Level grade.  This applies to the following subjects: Biology; Chemistry; French; English Literature; Fine Art; Geography; History; Mathematics; Music; Philosophy and Ethics; Physics; Physical Education; Psychology; Spanish.

The new reformed A Level qualifications are a two year, linear A Level courses.  This means that the whole course is assessed in Year 13.  The examination in most cases consist of 3 written papers but this depends of the different exam boards

A Level

Students at Bishop Challoner School study 3 or 4 A Levels dependant on GCSE grades. If students who start four subjects begin to find difficulties coping with the rigours of their courses they may following consultation with the Head of Sixth Form be able to drop down to three subjects. All A level courses require the student’s whole hearted commitment in order to achieve the best possible result.

The school is proud that more of its students in Year 11 are seeking to return to the Sixth Form.

Subject to numbers, staff and timetable restrictions, we offer the following core subjects listed below ensuring that we build the option blocks around your choices :




Classical Civilisation




English Literature





Further Mathematics



Philosophy & Ethics

Physical Education



Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)


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