'Read to Learn' is our mantra and we encourage much personal reading in order to prepare our students for the world outside of Bishop Challoner. Overall, this is a fabulous subject, aiming to equip our students with academic excellence and a range of transferable skills.

Examination Board: AQA

English is a popular choice at A Level and we offer the fun yet rigorous courses of AS and A2 English Literature. This course specification A allows the study of a range of texts in new depth. AS focuses on the struggle for identity in Modern Literature whereby modern work is put into context and linked via modern struggles. Texts range from Arthur Miller and Tennessee Williams to Khaled Hosseini and a study of modern poetry such as Maya Angelou. Coursework includes both a comparative essay, as well as a creative, transformational piece. At A2, the focus is around a range of literature linked with the theme of 'Love Through the Ages'. This allows the in-depth study of a wide selection of prose, drama and poetry, from Chaucer to Postmodern literature. The coursework element at this stage is an extended (3000 word) three-way comparative essay.

Each year group is taken on an English trip, usually to the theatre.  In recent years this has included seeing Dracula. 

Extra-curricular clubs include a 'Debating Club', a 'Creative Writing Workshop' and 'A study of European poets and beyond'.