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KS5 (Years 12 & 13)

Examination Board: OCR

At A-Level, students follow the physics A specification. The course is examined at the end of year 13 with three written papers and a non exam assessment.

In year 12, the course contains four parts: development of practical skills in physics, foundations of physics, forces and motion, electrons, waves and photons. In year 13, students discover two more modules: Newtonian world and astrophysics, particles and medical physics.

The non exam assessment is made of a minimum of 12 required practical activities which develop the skills of the student:

Investigating motion

Investigating properties of materials

Investigating electrical properties

Investigating electrical circuits

Investigating waves

Investigating quantum effects

Investigating ionising radiation

Investigating gases

Investigating capacitors

Investigating simple harmonic motion

Investigation and Research skills

Physics will equip you with strong analytical and mathematical skills and will make you welcomed in a wide range of professions. You may consider employment in a variety of fields such as research, aerospace, railways, motor vehicle design, manufacturing, medical engineering, computing, design, development, commerce, banking, finance, marketing, management consultancy and teaching among others.

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