Key Stage  5

Examination Board: AQA

AS and A2 Spanish is taught at Bishop Challoner School and provide pupils with the cultural knowledge and linguistic competence to succeed. The paper consists of two papers (Listening, Reading & Writing and an Oral Examination). The AS topics are: The Media, Popular Culture, Healthy Living and Lifestyle, and Family and Relationships. A2 topics are: The Multicultural Society, Contemporary Social Issues and The Environment. Two cultural topics are studied in more detail and depth with a view to speaking about one in the oral examination and writing about one in the form of an essay of at least 250 words. Pupils practice all skill areas as well as their exam technique to prepare them for the final examinations in the summer.

Careers in teaching, business, interpreting and translation are just some of the fields that language students can enter. An A Level in a language is an invaluable qualification that can open many doors in the future. Language skills are well sought after by employers in many areas of work. A language qualification can be a great asset when applying to universities.