Classical Civilisation



· How should people be governed?

· Should the law always be obeyed?

· What causes conflict between men and women?

· Why do good people sometimes have such tragic lives?

· How do people learn courage?

· Is vengeance a kind of justice?

If you are interested in those questions and would enjoy reading literature that has fascinated men and women for thousands of years, you should consider this A Level.

The Classical Civilisation A Level offers the opportunity to explore Greece and Rome over a vast sweep of time from the Bronze Age to the 1st Century AD.

In studying the literature, art, religion, philosophy, societies and politics of the two cultures we begin to appreciate the profound influence that the ancient cultures of Greece and Rome continue to have on our present ways of living and thinking. 

This is an academic A Level which is respected by universities and employers. Studying for the Classical Civilisation A Level will develop skills of logical analysis, critical appreciation and effective communication.   

You will need to acquire tolerance and mental flexibility as your beliefs and ideas are challenged by those of societies which were sometimes shockingly different from your own. 

There is no coursework; assessment is by three written examinations.

You do not need to know any other languages: all the texts are in translation.

This is an A Level which requires a great deal of careful reading and regular practice in writing essays. 

Course Details: OCR Classical Civilisation. Course Number: H408 (Sept 17)