Pastoral Care

The primary purpose of the school is the education of boys and girls in a Roman Catholic Christian atmosphere. Pupils of all faiths are welcomed and the school responds with sensitivity and openness to the needs of those who belong to other churches or faiths and to value their beliefs.

We are very fortunate to have our own chapel where the Blessed Sacrament is reserved.  We celebrate Mass every Tuesday morning in the Chapel at 8.15am and all are welcome.  We also celebrate Mass as a whole school during the Term. The major Christian festivals are celebrated throughout the year. Also, we hold an annual Harvest Festival, a Carol Service, a May Procession and a Mother's Day Service.

Roman Catholic pupils in Year 3 are prepared for First Confession and Holy Communion in partnership with the parishes where they worship. The Chaplain assists in this programme and parents are given opportunities to support their children at this very special time in their lives. On a Saturday in June the children make their First Holy Communion at a special Mass held in the school chapel. This is one of the most important events in the school’s religious calendar.

Each pupil’s personal development is watched over by a Form Teacher. In the Senior School Heads of Section (Years 7 – 9; Years 10 & 11 and Years 12 & 13) are also there to ensure the progress and security of the pupils. A full programme of Personal, Social and Health Education is followed in the Senior School. Where sensitive matters are dealt with this is always in keeping with the teaching of the Catholic Church.