Western culture's foundation can be found in the ideas of the Greeks and Romans. Questions that they asked about life and how to live it are questions we still ask today. Classics is about life: art, language, politics, myth, drama, architecture, law, science, religion, archaeology, philosophy and history.

Key Stage 3 (Years 7-9)

We cover a range of discussion areas including politics, war and ethics. We study the history and archaeology which has preserved elements of the life of the past.

Classics is for everyone, and Latin, in particular, is of benefit to pupils no matter what their ability. We introduce the subject for study as a combination of Latin language and ancient civilisation studied in English.

Studying Latin helps with learning Romance languages, and also aids in the understanding of our own language. Did you know that the majority of words in English come from Latin roots?

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GCSE (Years 10 & 11)

Exam Board: Eduqas

Results gained by Bishop Challoner pupils in Latin have been consistently excellent.

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Classical Civilisation A level, studied entirely in English, is also available for Sixth Form students. Please see the Sixth Form section for further details.

The department aims to run trips to UK sites and to both Greece and Italy on a regular basis, so that the pupils are able to experience the material culture of the ancient world first hand. We also welcome visitors to school including authors, curators and re-enactors.

Extra Curriculum

Tutor availableWenesdays3.35 - 4.10pm
Ancient Greek Club
A fun introduction to Ancient Greek language and culture.
Fridays1.10 - 1.35pm
Tutor availableFridays3.35 - 4.10pm

Useful Links

Our textbook with extensive online resources for KS3-4:
Our exam board for GCSE:
A fun introduction with Lego:
Trips planned include:

"An understanding of the classics, and of the civilisations of the distant past, equips the 21st-century young man and woman with something unique; a deep, rounded and enlightened understanding of the interplay of East and West, and the multi-ethnic roots of what we call modern civilisation. By allowing the next generation access to this wealth, let’s hope we are remembered as an age that chose to open rather than to close minds." Bettany Hughes - author and broadcaster