Mathematics A level is highly regarded by both universities and employers alike as it is a subject which leads to a host of career prospects and makes a student stand out from other prospective applicants.

Key Stage 5 (Years 12 & 13)

Examination Board: Edexcel

Students further develop their Mathematical skills under three main areas: Pure Mathematics, Mechanics and Statistics. In Pure Mathematics, the main topics of study are: Algebra, Calculus, Trigonometry and Proofs. In Mechanics, students apply mathematical concepts to Kinematics and Forces. In Statistics, students learn how to analyse data without bias, calculate the probability of an event happening and hypothesis testing. Students are encouraged to use additional software such as Autograph to enhance graphing skills.

A Level Maths

Career progression

Programme of study - Year 12
Further Maths - Year 12

An A level in Mathematics is a qualification which is highly regarded by universities and employers alike. Studying mathematics at A level is a key step for studying a wide variety of subjects at university such as Physics, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Economics, Architecture, Accounting, Computing and Finance to name but a few.

There is the possibility of studying Further Mathematics, please contact Dr Samuel, Head of Mathematics for further details.

"Mathematics is the language in which God has written the universe." Galileo Galilei
"Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas." Albert Einstein

Recommended Reading

  • Mathletics by John D. Barrow
  • The Mathematical Secrets of The Simpsons by Simon Singh
  • Professor Stewart's Cabinet of Mathematical Curiosities by Ian Stewart
  • Professor Stewart's Hoard of Mathematical Treasures by Ian Stewart
  • Professor Stewart's Casebook of Mathematical Mysteries by Ian Stewart