Geography is concerned with the world around us: what shapes it, what sustains it and what influence we have upon it. The subject is therefore highly relevant to some of the most topical issues of the day, from earthquakes and climate change, to the exploitation of finite natural resources and global population growth. Geography is about what is happening to us, now.

Key Stage 5 (Years 12 & 13)

Students will have a good knowledge of both human and physical geography. They will understand environmental issues and will be sensitive to their surroundings, be they man-made or natural. Our geographers will be able to solve problems, plan investigations and collect both primary and secondary data. They will be skilled in the handling of spatial, visual and numerical data, and be able to communicate ideas coherently using appropriate presentation techniques. They will be able to work independently to complete tasks as well as being able to function effectively as members of a team. They will use a range of traditional and digital technologies and techniques to complete their studies. These skills will enable them to be confident in a range of situations and ensure that they flourish in our fast-changing world.

6Th Form Generic2

Among other issues covered at GCSE and beyond are urban deprivation, global inequalities in levels of development, GIS, changing global superpowers and biodiversity under threat. 

"It is impossible to understand history, international politics, the world economy, religions, philosophy, patterns of culture without understanding the geography" Kenneth C Davis
"Geography is the subject which holds the key to our future" Michael Palin

Extra Curriculum


Tutor available 3.35 - 4.00


Tutor available 3.35 - 4.00


Tutor available 3.35 - 4.00


Year 12 will take part in a 4 day field studies skills trip to Dorset