Students must develop and apply the knowledge, understanding and skills required to perform dance, as a soloist and in a quartet. The knowledge and understanding of physical skills, including: flexibility, strength, cardiovascular and muscular endurance, agility, neuromuscular coordination and kinaesthetic awareness, underpin and inform the development of both the physical/technical and interpretative/performance skills.

Key Stage 5 (Years 12 & 13)

Practical:  Students must learn how to create an original piece of group choreography, which lasts for a minimum of three minutes to a maximum of four minutes, for three, four or five dancers, in response to an externally set task.

  • Practical unit 50% of the A level
  • Solo performance linked to a specified practitioner within an area of study
  • Performance in a quartet
  • Group choreography
A Level Dance

Written Exam

A written exam counts for 50% of the A level. Students will be tested on their knowledge, understanding and critical appreciation of two set works. One compulsory set work within the compulsory area of study and one optional set work within the corresponding area of study, from a choice of four.

The exam is in two sections: 

Section A: Short answer questions and one essay question on the compulsory set work/area of study. 

Section B: Two essay questions on the second set work/area of study