Our Sixth Form students are interested young people who enjoy a variety of cultural experiences alongside their academic pursuits. Lecture programs, Music, Drama, STEM Science Club and the School Service Award run alongside a wide range of sports activities and sports leadership. They are also offered the opportunity to enrol on the Silver Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme. The award is non-competitive, voluntary, and open to all.


All Sixth Form students are expected to get involved in some of these activities which enrich their lives culturally and develop personal and team skills that are vital in an ever changing work environment. Indeed the whole concept of these enrichment activities is to enhance the development of well-rounded, caring, independent young people with a strong sense of moral and social responsibility.

Fencing Group

The Sixth Form is a pre-University style culture with extremely high expectations and challenges, but equally high rewards at the end. It probably constitutes the best days of school at Bishop Challoner for many students.

"What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make." Jane Goddall - British primatologist, ethologist and anthropologist
Continuing to stay at Bishop challoner for sixth form was the best possible option for me as my teachers were able to work really closely with me thanks to small class sizes in order to push me harder academically and help me thrive. Staying at Challoner also meant that I was able to gain more confidence in myself and my studies as I received more opportunities such as taking part in performances for my drama A level and receiving personal feedback from teachers that helped to mentor me as I completed my A Levels and began to focus on my next chapter. PR, former Y13 student