Gifted & Talented

Bishop Challoner's Gifted & Talented provision. Creating opportunities to shine.

At the heart of Bishop Challoner’s community is the aim to ensure that all pupils reach their potential by providing an enriched curriculum. 

At the centre of the Gifted and Talented provision is the school’s commitment to ensuring all the pupils’ identified with exceptional gifts and talents are given the opportunity to shine and excel at every stage of their learning and that their abilities are stretched both within the curriculum and through extra-curricular programmes.


The school caters for the Gifted and Talented by providing a curriculum that has both breadth and depth and is constructed around delivering accelerated progression. All pupils at Bishop Challoner are taught the importance of developing the skills needed to be productive, independent learners. Within the school’s small community, Gifted and Talented pupils are given extensive opportunities to thrive in this area. Furthermore, the school runs extensive extra-curricular activities and enrichment programmes to give pupils opportunities to shine.


Science and the Arts

Taekwondo and Fencing

Opportunities for success at a Regional and National level offered through the Taekwondo and Fencing clubs run as part of the PE department.


Opportunities through private music lessons and music clubs that act to enrich the school community and be showcased to the local community facilitated through the music department.

The Arts

Opportunities to extend their learning and understanding at art club, debate club and STEM club.

School Community

Opportunities to take on responsibilities within the school community through the prefect system, student voice and the house system.

The School recognises the importance of ensuring that pupils continue to make progress throughout their school career. As such, a vital component of the Gifted and Talented provision at Bishop Challoner is the monitoring of the progress of the Gifted and Talented pupils and communicating directly to the pupils the need to set high aspirations and targets for themselves to ensure they reach their potential.