Music & Drama

Music is taught to everyone up to Year 9 when it becomes an option at GCSE or at A’Level. Many pupils are learning to play instruments individually and musical ensembles exist for several types of instrument. There has been a pleasing growth recently in the number of pupils achieving fine grades in Music Examinations. The school enters pupils in local festivals of music, speech and drama. Some Music Scholarships are available.

The Music Department holds formal and informal concerts during the year.

At Bishop Challoner we aim to give every pupil the opportunity to develop his or her powers of oral communication and dramatic and musical expression. Great confidence is gained through performing to an audience, and pupils throughout the school are encouraged to take part in a variety of theatrical productions and concerts.

All pupils take drama from Year 6 up to Year 9. An after - school Drama Club is very popular. There is usually a Senior production each year as well as Junior and Infant productions.

The Music Department offers the following peripatetic lessons which will be available from the beginning of the new academic year. The choice of instruments available is as follows:

  • Cello
  • Clarinet & Saxophone
  • Piano
  • Trumpet, Trombone & Euphonium
  • Classical Guitar
  • Violin & Viola
  • Electric Guitar
  • French Horn & Tuba
  • Flute & Recorder
  • Drums
  • Other

Every pupil will be encouraged to enter for Guildhall/Associated Board graded examinations and also to participate in ensembles or solos during Assemblies, School Concerts and the Beckenham & Bromley Music Festivals.

All teachers will arrange lessons so that they are held on a rotating basis within the daily school timetable. Parents are welcome to indicate their preferred choice of time. 

Reid’s Music Shops offer hire services of instruments which are excellent value and teachers can offer advice on the suitability of various models available.