Aims & Values

At Bishop Challoner we aim to:

  • recognise each individual as a unique part of God's creation and respect the human dignity of all members of the community;
  • encourage each pupil to achieve his or her full potential in all areas, including academic, creative, emotional and physical;
  • celebrate and value personal success and achievement in all areas;
  • provide a balanced curriculum which is responsive to and supportive of all needs and aspirations, fostering both intellectual curiosity and academic achievement;
  • create a positive and supportive environment where high expectations are the norm;
  • provide high quality teaching by well qualified staff in a disciplined working environment;
  • develop a social conscience towards all members of society - locally, nationally and globally.

Mission Statement

Bishop Challoner School is founded on Catholic principles but welcomes and respects all faiths. Through partnership of family and staff, we foster the education of the whole person in preparation for adult life within a positive and caring environment.

School Motto

Our motto ‘Quantum Potes Tantum Aude’ challenges each member of our community to dare to do their very best.