Sixth Form

"Why be just a face in the crowd when you can be an individual in a small, vibrant, inclusive, multi-cultural Sixth Form. Bishop Challoner Sixth Form challenges students to excel academically, culturally and socially."

Welcome to our 6th Form at Bishop Challoner School, where we are dedicated to nurturing young minds and preparing them not only for higher education but also for the dynamic world of work. Our 6th Form prides itself on its strong commitment to pastoral care and individualised learning, ensuring that each student's unique needs and aspirations are met.

With small class sizes, our students benefit from a personalised approach to education, fostering a close-knit community where everyone is valued and supported. Our Catholic ethos underpins everything we do, instilling strong values of compassion, integrity, and responsibility that are vital in the professional world.

At Bishop Challoner, we understand that success extends beyond the classroom. That's why we offer an extensive enrichment program designed to equip students with practical skills and experiences to thrive in the workforce. Our enrichment activities include community service, workshops, and career mentoring, providing valuable insights and connections in various industries.

We cultivate independent learners who are not only academically adept but also possess the skills and confidence to excel in their careers. Our specialist UCAS support team guides students through the university application process while also helping them explore apprenticeship opportunities, ensuring they make informed decisions about their future.

We continually review our curriculum to meet the evolving needs of our students, ensuring they receive a well-rounded education that equips them with the skills and knowledge necessary for their chosen path. Our strong history of students gaining admission to the right university or securing apprenticeships is a testament to our commitment to their success.

Join us at Bishop Challoner's 6th Form, where we empower students to reach their full potential, both academically and in the world of work. Please come and see us on one of our 6th Form specific open days or whole school events, or book a personal appointment where I would be happy to speak about the individuals aspirations of your child.

Mrs Rachael Shields
Assistant Headteacher and Head of 6th Form

Sixth Form Handbook 2024

    “Challoner helped me grow as an individual whilst simultaneously teaching me how to prosper academically. The difficulty of A Levels is not to be underestimated but each and every student receives an experience tailored to them with all the support they should need.” JR, former Y13 Student