In 2013, the school became a company limited by guarantee and registered as a separate charity (having previously been part of the Catholic Archdiocese of Southwark). The voting members of the company are the Trustees who are responsible for the oversight of the school. The Trustees have to uphold the constitution of the school and maintain its Catholic nature. Two of the Trustees are appointed by the Archbishop of Southwark as representatives of the local Catholic Parishes - St Edmund's, Beckenham and St Joseph's, Bromley.

Trustee Committee Meetings are held during the course of the year and Trustees and the Headteacher meet termly for the following Committees:  Admissions & Marketing, Catholicity, Finance, Junior Sub-Committee, Personnel, Premises and Senior Curriculum. 



Mrs P Colling

Chair of Trustees Chaplaincy Link Safeguarding Link

Mrs M Brocklehurst

Trustee Emeritus

Mr P Huggett

Health & Safety Link

Mr D Lake

Chair of Finance Committee EYFS Link

Ms M Noone

Lead Trustee for SEND  Chair of Education Committee

Ms T Cassidy


Mr S O'Connell

Governor, SEND Link

Father S Wymer

Parish Priest

Staff Representative

Ms Emma Ludlam

Trustee Committees


Maria Noone – Chair 
Margaret Brocklehurst 
Ticcy Colling Safeguarding Link/Chaplaincy Link
Seb O’Connell 
Susie Watchorn 
Paula Anderson (Head) 
Alison Barker (Head of KS1 & 2) by invitation
Susie Woolaway (Dep Head) by invitation

Finance, Premises, Health & Safety  / Budget

Dean Lake - Chair EYFS Link
Phil Huggett Health & Safety Link
Sebastian O’Connell SEND Link
Paula Anderson - Head 
David Rolls – Bursar by invitation

Governance & Nominations

Susie Watchorn - Chair 
Ticcy Colling 
Tracey Cassidy 
Paula Anderson (Head) 


Susie Watchorn - Chair 
Ticcy Colling 
Tracey Cassidy 
Paula Anderson (Head) 

Strategy and Development

Phil Huggett - Chair 
Tracey Cassidy
Dean Lake
Susie Watchorn  
Paula Anderson (Head)

If you wish to contact the Trustees, please write to Mrs P Colling c/o Bishop Challoner School, 228 Bromley Road, Shortlands, Kent BR2 0BS