House System

The Bishop Challoner House System is to promote the values and ethos of the school. Students are organised into four houses, from Nursery to Year 13. The students wear a badge to signify the House on their uniform, which represents: St Michael (Red); St Edmund (Yellow); St Denis (Blue) and St Patrick (Green).

Being Part of a Team

This makes it easier to generate a sense of being part of a team within the school community.  The idea that students gain a feeling of identity and belonging to a House ‘family’. The House System promotes a keen but good-natured rivalry between House teams to see who will win the House Trophy each year. Points towards this prize accumulate from various events such as Art, Quizzes, Essays, Poetry, Creative writing, Posters, Music- Instrument composing/singing/playing/MC-ing etc. Initiatives to support other students and Games tournaments (Football, Netball etc.)

Having a strong House System in place, we hope that students will display a house loyalty whilst being competitive as well as having fun during their time at school. Mr Peck

House Meetings and assemblies will be held at various times during the academic year to introduce new activities and encourage healthy competition. Throughout the year, the Houses compete against each other in a number of activities which culminate on our school sports days.