Extra Curriculum

Beyond the Classroom – A variety of school clubs are available for all pupils, including: Art, Drama, LAMDA, Chess, Fencing, Maths, Design Technology, Junior Sports, Ballet, Modern Dance, a variety of sporting and musical opportunities and a supervised Homework Club. There is also a Breakfast and After school club until 6.00pm.


Bishop Challoner places a great deal of importance on sport and encourages healthy competition, regularly competing against other schools in most of the team games. We also hold competitions in school which are often based on the House system.

We encourage a diverse and challenging extra curricular sporting programme spanning rugby, football, cross-country, basketball, hockey, netball, athletics, swimming, table tennis and fencing.

Fencing has a long tradition at Bishop Challoner School. The Fencing Club gives the opportunity for pupils from age 7 upwards to take part in competitive fencing. Past and present pupils have achieved impressive results at Borough, County and National levels.

Extra Cuirric Fencing Boy


Bishop Challoner School has a proud tradition of supporting a number of charities. Each year there are charities supported by the school as a whole as well as each section of the school adopting their own charities. Money is raised by “own clothes days” as well as special fund raising activities such as Fun Days, sponsored activities and cake sales. During the last academic year the whole school raised a total in excess of £8,000 for charities as diverse as CAFOD (Catholic Fund for Overseas Development) and the RSPCA. We like to emphasise to pupils their Christian responsibility to those less advantaged than themselves.

For Jimmy Cheque


School journeys and visits are regarded as vital components in the education we offer. In most years school trips are arranged to France, Spain and beyond.

The school takes full advantage of its proximity to central London with its galleries, exhibitions, theatres, museums and concert halls. Pupils from all years enjoy regular visits to these attractions.


LAMDA Speech and Drama Lessons

We are very pleased to be able to offer pupils the opportunity to take up LAMDA Speech and Drama classes. These classes offer an opportunity for pupils to build confidence and develop their communications skills. Classes will build on our commitment to enabling pupils to be effective communicators in all areas of their lives.

Classes are offered to Years 3 – 12, pupils are grouped by age.

LAMDA Classes

Pupils will learn a range of drama techniques and performance skills. Using games and exercises the focus will be on building confidence, working together, developing communication skills and developing self-expression.

What they will be learning:

Working co-operatively in a group

  • Speaking clearly – improving diction and clarity
  • Conveying mood and meaning
  • Using effective body language and facial expressions
  • Skills for individual performance
  • Working independently
  • Creativity
  • Listening skills
  • Performing in a group
  • Giving and receiving appropriate feedback

LAMDA classes

Classes are suitable for all pupils irrespective of drama experience.


LAMDA exams offer an ongoing measurement of progress in speech and drama, pupils work towards exams set by the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. Classes take place in small groups. This is a regular commitment and pupils should avoid missing or skipping these lessons for other activities.

Music & Drama

Our after-school Drama Club is very popular. There is usually a Senior production each year as well as Junior and Infant productions.

Many pupils learn to play instruments individually and musical ensembles exist for several types of instrument. The Music Department offers a wide range of peripatetic lessons which are available from the beginning of each academic year, with a wide choice of instruments available. Our pupils achieve fine grades in Music Examinations. The school also enters pupils into local festivals of music, speech and drama.

The Music Department holds formal and informal concerts throughout the year.

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