Denominational Inspection 2020

Bishop Challoner School had a Diocesan Denominational Inspection in February 2020 and were judged as an outstanding Catholic School. Please find our Denominational Report below.

The key findings of the report state;

- Pastoral care at Bishop Challoner is outstanding.

- A highly inclusive and welcoming learning community where the pupils feel safe and very well cared for.

- Relationships between pupils and their teachers are excellent.

- The pupils also display strong and positive attitudes to their learning allowing them to make good progress.

- The provision for Catholic life is outstanding and is supported by a highly effective chaplaincy team.

- The chaplain also provides inspirational support to pupils and staff, ensuring the Catholic ethos permeates all aspects of daily life.

- Highly effective leadership and governance has created a school of high expectations and constant improvement.

- The excellent balance of challenge and support at all levels has ensured that staff are happy and feel valued. This has resulted in high morale which is reflected in low staff turnover.