In studying Classics we ask many questions both about the past and about ourselves. Western culture's foundation can be found in the ideas of the Greeks and Romans. Questions that they asked about life and how to live it are questions we still ask today. We cover a range of areas for discussion including politics, war and government, ethics and how we treat each other.

Classics is more than just one subject; Classics is about life: art, language, politics, myth, drama, architecture, law, science, religion, archaeology, philosophy, history.

Classics is for everyone and Latin in particular is of benefit to pupils of a range of abilities.

We introduce the subject for study in Year 5 as a combination of Latin language and Roman and Greek civilisation. 

Classical Languages

The study of Classical languages is a proven method of improving linguistic competency with often dramatic results in reading, comprehension, vocabulary, and grammar. Latin and Greek have a wide cross-curricular impact, fostering the development of a whole range of transferable skills such as analysis and problem solving, and providing a foundation for the study of many modern languages.

Key Stage 3

Years 7 to 9

All pupils in Year 7 access 3 lessons per fortnight and those in Year 8 and Year 9 access 2 lessons per fortnight.

In class we use the Cambridge Latin Course, supported by excellent online resources. The course is a stimulating programme which covers both language and society, from Rome and Pompeii to Roman Britain and Egypt.

 Trips are planned for students to visit Roman Britain sites and museums together with visits to school by authors and curators. It is hoped that visits abroad will also be added.

Years 10-11

Latin is not currently studied in Years 10-11 but there is potential for students to do so in future.

Results gained by Bishop Challoner pupils in Latin have been consistently excellent.


Greek Club is a fun introduction to Ancient Greek language and culture, and is open to all as a lunchtime club.

Classical Civilisation

Classical Civilisation A-level, studied in English, is also available for sixth form students.  Please see the sixth form brochure for further details.