Religious Education

Key Stage 3

As a Catholic school our main focus is on learning about Christianity: its beliefs, practices and impact on the lives of believers.  Each year group will study aspects of prayer and worship, the life of Jesus and other important people in the Bible and moral decision making in the light of Christian teaching.  As our young people live in a multi-cultural community, we also learn about one or more World faiths each year: Hinduism, Judaism, Islam and Buddhism are studied.  There are opportunities to visit places of worship such as Westminster Cathedral and Bromley Reformed Synagogue and to take part in Day retreats at Aylesford Friary, led by the Southwark Diocesan Youth Service working with the Carmelite friars.

Key Stage 4

Examination Board: AQA

All students study Religious Studies for GCSE (specification A)

Course Content:

Paper 1:  'St. Mark's Gospel and the Christian life' (Unit 5)

Paper 2: 'Christian Perspectives on Beliefs, Attitudes and Lifestyles' (Unit 2)

Final Examination:  Two written papers: One and a half hours per paper.

There are talks by organisations such as CAFOD and Life, an opportunity to see the Wintershall Life of Christ play and a Day retreat at Aylesford Friary, led by the Chaplain and religious studies department.