Bishop Challoner's makeover

A smart new railing on the perimeter of Bishop Challoner School opens up the school to the local community and the listed building and grounds can now be enjoyed by its neighbours and visitors.

Read some responses from the community:

"A huge thank you to you and all the decision makers at the school for your new fencing.

Having lived in the area for 33 years (since I was born) it is easy to see the dramatic improvement the fencing has made to the road. That bend always felt dangerous with the narrow pavement but it feels less so now.

It also felt oppressive with the high fence but not so now. The community also gets to see the beautiful grounds and building you have. The school now feels part of the community and gives an outward looking impression.

Thank you again and congratulations on your excellent decision."

 "Mrs Anderson, Whilst out driving yesterday we passed the school. I really like the new railings. The building & grounds are so interesting, it has been a shame that it was hidden behind the wooden fences for so long. The new railings give the school a smart appearance from the road and hopefully will encourage more families to come and take a closer look."