• Music 2017

MMA Bishop Challoner 441


Every Student at Bishop Challoner is encouraged to fulfil their full musical potential. There are a huge amount of opportunities to perform both inside and outside of school. Student performances are of an excellent standard due to the motivation and commitment of the Music Staff and the skills and abilities of the students themselves. Music is compulsory in the first three years at Bishop Challoner. From year ten onwards pupils can opt for the subject and music is a popular option amongst students at Bishop Challoner for their GCSEs.


Years 7-9

  • Classes are taught over two forty minute periods a week in form groups. 
  • Students are exposed to a wide variety of musical styles, some they will be familiar with and many which they will not.
  • Students build up a wide vocabulary with which to appraise the music, and experience the music studied at first hand through various performance and composition tasks.
  • By the end of Year Nine all students will have basic keyboard skills and will have a good understanding when it comes to appraising, composing and performing music in many different styles.


Examination Board: AQA

Students complete the AQA Course. The course allows students of a range of abilities and interests to broaden and develop their knowledge of the subject. Through the three areas of study, students will study genres of music ranging from the western classical tradition through to African music. They will submit two pieces of composition work and two performances as part of the final assessment.

  • Classes are taught over four forty minute periods a week
  • Students now receive a more in depth look into the subject and skills acquired in the first three years are consolidated and built on.
  • Students spend more time on individual projects allowing them to develop their own personal voice as a composer.
  • Opportunities for class, group and solo performance work are built into the scheme of work and the use of music software is increased to include Cubase and Sibelius.