From the Headteacher's Study: Monday 27th April 2020

Sacrifice and Self-discipline

We have seen so much love, kindness, self-sacrifice and generosity over the past month.

During this period of lockdown, we are experiencing sacrifice and self-discipline and having time to reflect on many things that perhaps we take for granted. During the bubonic plague outbreak of 1665-6, the inhabitants of Eyam, a small Derbyshire village quarantined themselves in a famous act of self-sacrifice to prevent the spread of the plague. Their legacy is inspiring in response to the coronavirus. 

There are some who would question why we should allow the coronavirus to dictate our lives and who continue to ignore social distancing by gathering on beaches, having house parties and ignoring government advice. However, there have been powerful calls to remain at home and to protect the lives of others.  At Bishop Challoner, we instil key Catholic Christian Values of respect and responsibility, love and justice and in life we have to self- sacrifice and consider others in the wider community. We all have a shared responsibility in this public health emergency to protect as many lives as possible, and to think of the needs of others before our own, especially as health workers are putting themselves at risk on the frontline to support others. 

We marked the beginning of the period of Lent on Wednesday 26th February and for Christians; many people decided on something that they would like to give up, whether it was social media, sweets or chocolate for example.  For others they may have decided to support or be helpful to someone else.  I imagine that during this period of Lent, we may have revisited what it is that we were sacrificing, especially since the initial sacrifices would have been made before the country moved to everyone having to give up something they had previously not considered.  During the liturgical season, it has given us time to consider how we can play our part in this global health crisis by being considerate to others.