Key Stage 3

We want our learners to be confident at communicating in French. Languages at Key Stage 3 include vocabulary learning, speaking practice, listening and reading skills, dictionary skills, writing practice and the study of grammar to hold it all together. Pupils are tested regularly and assessed half-termly to track progress.  Pupils are encouraged to communicate in the target language and consolidate topics through homework and class work tasks. We use Allez 1 and 2.

All pupils have access to online resources including linguascope, languages online and kerboodle.

All pupils in KS3 are invited to attend our trips which include visits to Boulogne, and le Touquet. A-level French students are given the opportunity to take part in all trips.


Key Stage 4

We are following the new AQA specification which assesses all 4 skills at the end of year 11.  The topics studied are: Identity and culture; local, national, international and global areas of interest; and current and future study and employment. The skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing are examined, as well as translation in to and out of French.

Year 10 and 11 pupils receive vocabulary booklets and workbooks to accompany their learning.  They are also given access to online resources.


As well as the day trips mentioned above, pupils have the opportunity to sample the delights of Café Rouge, to use their French to order their food and drink. In addition, we invite two different theatre companies to the school to perform to all the pupils.