Philosophy and Ethics


Examination Board: WJEC

Students can opt to take religious studies A Level.  A non-examination course runs for one lesson per week for students not taking this subject at A level.  This focuses on issues of faith and morality, related to contemporary issues.

They study units in Philosophy of Religion and Ethics.

AS Level

Philosophy: Introduction to philosophy. Arguments for the existence of God: cosmological and design arguments, the problem of evil, religious experience focusing on mysticism.

Ethics: Ethical Theory: Natural law, utilitarianism and situation ethics

Practical Ethics: sex, marriage, divorce and relationships.

Examination:  Two written papers: One hour and fifteen minutes per paper.  Both taken in June

A Level


The nature, purpose and reliability of religious experience


Ethics: Ethical Theory: religious ethics, virtue ethics, Kantian ethics

Practical Ethics: medical ethics, abortion, euthanasia, genetic engineering and fertility treatment. War and peace, just war theory, nuclear war, pacifism.

Examination:  Two written papers: One hour and forty five minutes per paper. Both taken in June

Transferable Skills;

  • Ability to develop coherent arguments
  • Critically assess ideas
  • Select relevant information
  • Understanding of philosophical ideas
  • Awareness of contemporary ethical issues


Career possibilities:

This course will be a test of all round academic ability. It requires the ability to argue and reason logically and to appreciate the beliefs and lifestyles of others.  It is relevant to all careers, which require this evidence including - banking, law, library services, care work, personnel, Civil Service, Local Government, journalism, social work, teaching, etc.